Marshmallow Traps

January 9, 2015

Last night, I had a dream where I was in an anime world. I’m a female, but in my dream, I was a little boy. I looked to be around 10 years old. There were 20 or so more boys around my age there as well.

Anyway, we’re inside this tall building and everyone was scared shitless. That was because there was this crazed pedo chasing after us. The only way to get away from him was to run up top the stairs. And for some reason, the stairs were covered in huge blobs of deformed rice krispies treats (my fav snack). If you step on it, you get stuck ’cause of the marshmellows.

Anyway, out of panic, most of the kids kept accidentally stepping on the rice krispies treats. The pedo took those opportunities and slashed the kids’ throats with his knife. I also took advantage of the situation by pushing the kids down the stairs or in the blobs as bait. It couldn’t be helped, it was the only rational thing to do. I think the pedo was impressed by this.

After who knows how long of running, we saw a police office room. We ran there was fast as we could with the little adrenaline we had left. The pedo still followed us along there as well. Seeing the situation unfolding in the office, the police knew the pedo was a bad guy and arrested him. By then, there were only around 6 of us kids left alive.

The end. Best nightmare ever 🙂



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