Pixel Worms

January 9, 2015

I suffer from an severe anxiety disorder (OCD, paranoia etc)
I have had the same dream ever since I was a baby.
There were these pixel worms that wriggled and were just everywhere.
They were white on a black background.
They were horrible.
I was always in tears because i couldn’t deal with it.

I still have this dream to this day.



So Say We All

March 9, 2011

I dreamed an episode of Battlestar Galactica.  It went like this:

Sam was a boxer and he had a big fight coming up against this opponent that would surely kill him so he was trying to get out of it.

He goes to Dee for advice.  She suggests that he invite Adama to the fight because it would have to be postponed in order to fit his busy schedule.



Then, for reasons that made sense at the time, Dee starts detailing all these way to undermine women.  Somehow this was going to help him with the fight.  Meanwhile he’s wondering why a woman would suggest such sexist tactics and as she talks he imagines her with a goatee.



– Nicole

Don’t Worry About A Thing

February 2, 2011

I dreamt I had to perform Hotel California at a school pep rally with Jeff Bridges. He loaned me his fancy guitar to use and told me that everything was going to be alright.

– Nicole

While You Were Out

December 18, 2010

I’m walking a dog, my dog I suppose, through my neighborhood. While we’re out the zombie uprising begins. There’s some kind of scuffle at a neighbors house but we break free. We go around the corner of the subdivision and instead of houses there’s some kind of marketplace there. There are cops and a mob of people who are all going crazy. I try to run away down this alley, but a car comes mowing down it and hits my dog who then dies.

I was in a warehouse and saw before me a menacing raptor. For some reason, I thought raptors were afraid of cold, so I walked into a room full of ice. The raptor approached me, unafraid, and moved it’s head in closely grimacing with a full set of sharp teeth. I ducked. It moved in again, and to my surprise, instead of biting my head off, it kissed me. Then we fell to the floor and I started having sex with it. But at this point, it wasn’t a raptor, it had transformed into a naked woman.


I had a dream I was on a bus riding home from school. I said something which angered some of the guys there and they were going to beat me up as soon as I got off at my stop. When it got to my house, they got off, but I faked them out and stayed on the bus. I got off a little ways down the street and I could see the guys standing around my house and throwing rocks through the glass of the front door. I started to panic but then these secret service ninja type guys (who my friend had summoned) came and kicked their asses.


Anita or Liza?

November 16, 2009

I dreamt that it was the first day back at school, and I had to finish a test that I had started last year.  I had forgotten about it, of course, and I wasn’t prepared.  One of the questions was:

Who is better,

Anita Baker


or Liza Minnelli

lizaM ?

Which was odd because I think it was a social studies class.