I had a dream I was on a bus riding home from school. I said something which angered some of the guys there and they were going to beat me up as soon as I got off at my stop. When it got to my house, they got off, but I faked them out and stayed on the bus. I got off a little ways down the street and I could see the guys standing around my house and throwing rocks through the glass of the front door. I started to panic but then these secret service ninja type guys (who my friend had summoned) came and kicked their asses.



My mother in law called and told me with a hollow voice that my husband had been killed.  She said I needed to come home and take care of things immediately.

I rushed home to find my husband dead in the back yard.  There was fog and frost on the ground even though it was summer.  He had a stab wound to the belly.  It looked fake like it was made of congealed ketchup. I fumbled my cell and started to dial 911 but someone called me.

I spent the next few hours talking on the phone.  People kept calling me.  I couldn’t call the police.  Person after person called.  Calmly I told each person my husband was dead and that I needed to go so I could call for help.  I tried desperately to get off the phone and call the police.

The last call was from my best friend.  I walked outside to stare at my husband while I explained to her that I felt completely lost.  I looked at the man I love and he was turning gray.  He was inhumanly still.  Some of the frosted grass that surrounded him was stuck to his forehead.  Pain flashed through me and I started to cry as I told my friend that I just didn’t know what to do anymore.  He was my world.

I fell to my knees next to his body.  I reached a hand out but yanked it back when I could feel the ice cold radiate off him.  My eyes went to his face and I wondered why it looked so calm.  Through my blurred vision I saw his eyes open and his body jerked. He seemed to be in a seizure.  His movements were strange…almost mechanical.  His dead eyes looked into mine and he asked me why I hadn’t called the damn paramedics yet. He told me the knife wound hurt like a bitch and he was going to bleed to death if I didn’t stop chatting on the phone.

I hung up on my friend and dialed for help. I tried to sooth him with my words. He didn’t look so good. I don’t know if he lived or not.  I woke up as he finished telling me his mother is the one who tired to kill him.


Spanking the Hell Out

October 16, 2008

There were all these fancy expensive flat screen TVs in my house.  I even had one in the shower.  This neighborhood kid who was roughly 6 years old snuck into my house.  I noticed, but I was pretending that I didn’t know he was there.  I turned on cartoons for him in the living room but he had disappeared.  I looked all around and found him taking a bath.  My shower TV had fallen into the bath water, and the little brat hadn’t said anything!  I picked him up with one hand, spanked the hell out of him, and sent him home.


(Fire + Mom)=>panic!

April 21, 2008

[My house (basement) + Kid Rock + Fire] =>floor collapse!

(Fire + Mom)=>panic!


I could never go back again.

February 17, 2008

It was Halloween night, and I was dressed in a really pretty white dress. I’d just come back from trick-or-treating and was sitting in the living room counting my candy. The doorbell rang and I expected it to be trick-or-treaters, but instead there was a vampire standing in front of me. He gestured back and asked me if I wanted to come. I wasn’t afraid and I knew that if I left my house I couldn’t come back. But I stepped out anyways and we walked out. Then we started running down the sidewalk, faster and faster. As we ran I felt wings suddenly sprout from my back and we started flying. The last thing I remember feeling was that I could never go back again.


I’m in my bedroom in my house. All the doors in my house are closed. Somewhere in my house the headless horseman is waiting for me. He doesn’t look like the headless horseman; he has a head and he’s all purple and bruised looking but I know it’s him. I can open doors I can’t close them. He can close doors but he can’t open them.
He wants to kill me, and to make him stop I have to kill him. I move through my house opening doors hoping he isn’t waiting behind them, I’m trying to get to my kitchen, there are knives in there, I need some sort of weapon because without one I don’t stand a chance if I find him. I open another door and there he is. He stabs me through the stomach but it doesn’t hurt. Everything goes dark and then I’m in another room in my house the doors all closed except for the ones I already opened.
I have a general idea of where he is now, he can be in any of the rooms that I opened the doors to. I make it to the kitchen and I grab a knife, I can hear his heavy boots hitting the floor I run to the dining room and hide under the table, (the tablecloth hangs really low) I can see his boots walking around the room slowly. I’m pretty sure he knows where I am but I don’t want to risk making a run for it incase he doesn’t. He stops right next to me, he does know where I am, I jump out and slash wildly at him with the knife I manage to make a small cut on his stomach and that seems to be all it takes. He becomes a skeleton, the muscles and skin of his body slowly growing back. I give him a list of rules that he has to follow when he’s re-grown. Don’t kill anybody no matter what and stay outside are the last two.


Headless Cat

February 10, 2008

I was doing the washing up, annoyed my housemates weren’t helping. Then I heard this horrible meowing sound behind me. I turned around to see a female black cat sitting there. It had no head and this viscera filled cavity between its shoulders was opening and closing as it meowed. I called for my friends to come see, thinking ‘that can’t be right’ but then the body falls apart and disappears. Beside where the headless cat was there is a little white kitten that I realised I had to look after since its mother was now dead but I didn’t really want to because it had ringworm and was evil and wanted to kill me.