Over at Kotaku, writer Stephen Totilo recalls a conversation with Josh Bear, creator of Ms. ‘Splosion Man:

“I don’t dream of hot girls,” Bear told me as he recalled the dream last week at Game Developer’s Conference, “I dream of Miyamoto taking a dump.”

In the dream, as Bear tells it, Miyamoto gets off the toilet, wipes, then gives Bear a hug. Bear, who is also a video game designer in real life though not one who has yet reached Miyamoto’s heights, sees the scene from overhead, but somehow reaches the great Nintendo creator’s level when it’s time for their manly embrace.

Bear thinks the dream might have something to do with a young game designer seeking the approval of an iconic one.

Shigeru Miyamoto is the creator of many successful game franchises including Zelda, Mario, and Donky Kong. Read the rest.


In my dream I was at some type of summer camp. I think I was a counselor because the bathrooms kept getting clogged and it was my job to call the plumber who happened to be Sayid from Lost. Even welding a plunger he was very dreamy, with extra long curly hair. I felt bad that I kept having to call him (several times a day) because the toilets were constantly clogging. I eventually worked out a schedule where we would only call him after 3 of the toilets stopped functioning.
It's going to be okay, Dude.

Built Like This

September 23, 2009

It was built like this and it made me vomit.




September 8, 2009

Girl A:
> You were in my dream

Girl B:
> oh yeah?

Girl A:
> and you almost got shot by the secret service!

Girl B:
> why?

Girl A:
> We were volunteers at this huge conference that the president was holding about health care
> and Michelle and I were BFF
> and you were on your period and had sprung a leak

Girl B:
> lol

Girl A:
> so you took a huge box of panty liners into the bathroom but, I guess it wasn’t working, so you came running out, full force, at the president and across the stage
> and everyone thought you were going to tackle him, but you were just running to the bathroom
> with a pink box of panty liners

Girl B:
> lmao

Girl A:
> and I was sitting by Michelle being all “what the hell is she thinking? She can’t run at the president like that!”
> You caused a national security crisis
> but in my dream, I guess they didn’t have guns and they were very, very, very far away from him so they just tried running after you
> but then you ran into the ladies room so they couldn’t follow you

-Submitted by Girl B

On the Insides

April 8, 2009

Angelina Jolie presents an award naked, is then standing next to a robotic naked woman shell explaining that she had been inside it.

Inside an ice cream truck, I float up to display my dark, witchy powers. I shrink Erik’s girlfriend and cause him to vomit violently.



“You must have used this to vacuum poop”

– anonymous

I have to GO

February 10, 2009

I’m alone and at work, watching TV with everyone in the office. I realize that I have to go to the bathroom (#2 – ahem), so I go down to this restaurant to use theirs. I wait to get the key behind this really long line of old ladies playing the lotto. And I have to GO.

I finally get to the counter and the lady there tells me only paying customers can use the facilities, so now I’m up shit’s creek (literally). I go back to work and then somehow end up back at my apartment, which is not my real life apartment – this one is on a really steep hill. I still have to go, so I do what I feel is my only option — defecate in someone’s Volkswagen Beetle.

Before I’m done, some guys find me and I totally haul ass away from the situation, trying to hide back at my apartment. But the whole neighborhood goes haywire. They have teams of citizens out looking for me, lookouts in front of my building, everything. And I go up to my place and there are two bills there — one is for $200 to clean the car, and the other is for like $400 to heal the emotional damage all the neighborhood kids are facing. I’m in a panic because I can’t afford any other bills and had just decided to go downstairs and face up to what I did when I wake up.