Marshmallow Traps

January 9, 2015

Last night, I had a dream where I was in an anime world. I’m a female, but in my dream, I was a little boy. I looked to be around 10 years old. There were 20 or so more boys around my age there as well.

Anyway, we’re inside this tall building and everyone was scared shitless. That was because there was this crazed pedo chasing after us. The only way to get away from him was to run up top the stairs. And for some reason, the stairs were covered in huge blobs of deformed rice krispies treats (my fav snack). If you step on it, you get stuck ’cause of the marshmellows.

Anyway, out of panic, most of the kids kept accidentally stepping on the rice krispies treats. The pedo took those opportunities and slashed the kids’ throats with his knife. I also took advantage of the situation by pushing the kids down the stairs or in the blobs as bait. It couldn’t be helped, it was the only rational thing to do. I think the pedo was impressed by this.

After who knows how long of running, we saw a police office room. We ran there was fast as we could with the little adrenaline we had left. The pedo still followed us along there as well. Seeing the situation unfolding in the office, the police knew the pedo was a bad guy and arrested him. By then, there were only around 6 of us kids left alive.

The end. Best nightmare ever 🙂



I Walked Forever

August 10, 2010

Screaming fire fell from the sky.  I held my children close to my body.  I could feel the heat from each burning ball of sulfur as it flew by.  The smells were choking and my eyes were watering.  I don’t know if I was crying; I think we were all beyond that point.

I vaguely felt the pressure of a hand on my neck.  I arched my back when a white hot searing pain took it’s place.  A hot gun muzzle was now shoved in its place.  I started walking, dragging my children along with me as best I could.

I searched for the horizon through blurred eyes.  I found it in the deep burning oranges and yellows between crumbling buildings.  I continued with my labored walk keeping my eyes on that fiery end.  If I could just hold out a bit longer it would all be over.

I walked forever with a gun in my neck, my babies in my arms, and my hope bleeding out with each exhalation.

My burden was lifted; my feet were burning; my heart was collapsing.  The end wasn’t what is was supposed to be.


Wake Up

June 16, 2009

I was approaching a child.  She was curled up in a ball, her face buried in her knees.  Nothing felt right, but I couldn’t figure out why.  All of a sudden her head flew up.  Her face looked wild, and her teeth were sharp.  She growled at me “Wake up!” and I did.

Those Aren’t Your Kids

January 20, 2009

At the Reunion:

“Put your clothes back on Kyla! We know you’re not breastfeeding, and those aren’t even your kids.”


Neither content, Nor angry

October 16, 2008

The sky was always dark.  The waters of the world had turned black and were forever choppy.

I was standing on a deck and a man next to me was repeating that the water was too dark.  He was terrified that he couldn’t see through it.

I leaned down over the edge of the deck and stuck my head into the water.  It gently sucked me in and I settled at the bottom.  To my left were rows and rows of ancient indian medicine women.  They were each holding an infant.  The babies in the back were long dead but those in the front struggled for breath as they drowned. The women showed no emotion.  They seemed neither content nor angry for the job they had been given.

I quietly shushed with my finger to my lips at the women in hopes that it would sooth them and they wouldn’t try to get me too. However, they took no notice.

I closed my eyes and I was back on the deck with the upset man.  I told him what I saw.  He cut a huge pine tree and dumped it into the sea next to the deck.  The sea swallowed it whole.

We were scared and confused and didn’t know what to do.


A child longed for dreams
that saved him from the darkness
but found only ghosts.


Later, perhaps

May 16, 2008

There was a boy in the classroom, much younger than the rest of the kids.  He was intelligent, crafty, and dangerous.  You should not cross him.  I saw beyond the stainless steel doors through the tiny window the face of a student who had…The student was dead.  He was just another in the long line of deceased.  The room was silent with students working, and the boy was playing a game.

Finally, exasperated, he stood on his desk and looked at us with eyes much older and more calculating then they ever should have been.  He said “Everyone who is worse than me at this game will sit behind me.”  Silence reigned, the students buried themselves further into their books…They did not want to die.

Another room, and the boy was playing a console game very intently on the couch.  I kicked the controller out of his hands playfully, aware that I was flirting with death but free of care.  He yelled at me but I knew he was too involved in the game to do anything then.  It would be later, perhaps, that I should worry.