No Matter What Happens

January 9, 2013

I’m getting on a plane going home from where I presume is college.  On the plane along with me are a guy I used to hate and a guy I barely know.  The rest are strangers.  The guy I used to hate says something nice to me.  I nod, thinking maybe I’ve pegged him wrong.  A storm is coming so they rush us to get seated.

We can’t actually fly in the storm, so they just try to drive the plane far away from the airport.  We stop and they let us off in a tall office building downtown to wait out the storm.  All the passengers are crowded around the windows watching the weather outside when we start to see several large ominous tornados form all around us.  I call my parents and tell them I’m going to be delayed.

As I speak, I see one of the twisters wreak havoc on some buildings down the street.  The windows are blown out completely. There are lots of people on the streets, like no one expected the storm.  A man hastily runs into a building, barely avoiding being sucked into oblivion.  Then we see a building directly across from us get completely flattened.  Everyone is scared shitless.  Just then, the twister turns and heads straight for our building.  We all run towards the center of the building to hide, where we, admittedly, should have already been.

“No matter what happens, I love you! I have to go.  Bye!” I yell into the phone.

Then my alarm clock goes off.


Body like a Blanket

June 4, 2008

The following is a lucid dream in which I was in and out of sleep several times.

7:00 AM I’m in a strange wooden cabin. I had to kill him. He deserved it. There was a struggle, but good prevailed.

7:20 AM Panicking.

7:25 AM I fold up his body like a blanket. Put it in a shoe box. I have to get rid of this.

7:45 AM Back at home. In what looks like the big city. In what looks like the future. I still have the box, but it’s trash day. The incinorators will destroy it by night if I hurry.

8:00 AM I run through the houses to the dumpsters. I pass a little boy who seems more engaged in his own dealings than my secrets. It’s early morning and this field has appeared in the middle of the city.

8:05 AM I tuck the box beneath the other trash. Bury it down deep.

8:15 AM From the windows of my apartment I see the garbage trucks down the street. He is almost gone.

8:20 AM I recall a story a friend told me about machines that sort the trash, filtering out the recyclables. Does my city do that? I need it to burn. All of it. No sifting. No sorting.

8:30 AM Panicking again. Real panic. Not dream panic.

8:40 AM It’s several days later. I haven’t heard anything. You would have heard something by now right? How long does it take to burn the trash? This is bullshit. I’m going to wake up.

9:00 AM Still no word. Ok. Really this time. Get out of bed. You’re not even sleepy!

9:15 AM Finally, something new.

Aliens, I Think

April 11, 2008

Something was happening, something was coming…I was a little boy, and I roamed the underground shelter while the adults scurried about setting up borders. They were trying to protect us, but people kept vanishing. I saw it happen three times – a string of black tar or oil would arc out of somewhere, with a blob on the front; it would strike people in the forehead and they would vanish. The third time was when this one young man stayed with me. We were locked in a gray metal room and he was assuring me nothing would happen. In the middle of his words the oil arced out, and I saw as he saw.

At some point afterwards the young man and I were sitting on the steps, and I, the boy, had made some kind of contact with the aliens. One of them sat with us, and was smoking(?). I talked to him, asked why they were moving people. He responded that they needed lumber, and I told him there wasn’t much left.