I Lost The Words

March 18, 2009

My family and I were on a boat. It was clear water, but a narrow river. All of a sudden, the boat tips me off on this dock. I see an old friend on the other end of the dock and I walk to her. We go to the house the dock is on the property of. It was a large and beautiful house, but when we walked in it was small and the rooms were abandoned. I felt like we were looking for something, but we never found it. We searched the house in silence, but I didn’t notice the silence until my friend spoke for the first time. I dreamt I woke up and remembered what she said when I tried to write it down, the words were gone. I was worried why I lost the words, and then I awoke.



But My Voice Is Gone

March 10, 2009

I’m in the locker room of my old school, but it’s slightly different. There is an extra office where the showers used to be and my old gym teacher is sitting there. All of a sudden I fall asleep on a bench and have dream. It was 6:00. In my dream I was racing my friend, and I had to win. When I woke up it was cold dark, and I was naked. I scrambled to find my clothes before anyone could fine me. The only light vaguely flickers and I hear whistling. I go to the door but it is locked. I try to open it but I can’t. There’s an old janitor. I try to say something, but my voice is gone.



March 4, 2009

I was using an intensive hair conditioner, the kind you leave on for several minutes. It was in a single-use packet. After I’d ripped it open and applied the conditioner, the packet started talking. I looked at it and it had a picture of William Shatner on it (the tummy roll photo from Star Trek). He was talking to me! Then Gene Roddenberry (who apparently was on the back but I didn’t flip it over – who wants to see a picture of GR?) started talking. They got into an argument. The conditioner got all over the place.

Jungle Kitty from Dreams of William Shatner

michelle-obama-speakingIn my dream, Michelle Obama was speaking at a press conference and Colin Powell interrupts her and goes “Cut! Cut! No one can hear you.  You need to speak into the mic!” Everyone was staring at him like he was crazy because it was a live broadcast.


In my dream, Jesse was giving a speech in Jazzmans to a small crowd of peple inside. I was standing by the counter, ignoring Jesse and speaking to another student. Once Jesse finished, he noticed I hadnt paid any attention to him. He confronted me on it ,and I, in turn, turned my back on him and began to speak. As I spoke, the room transformed into a large area of land (like the Reflecting Pool of the Capital where Martin spoke). The more I said, the larger the area and the group of people was untill there was a sea of black faces. Afterwards I was greeted by an older Black man who said, “Well done. I couldn’t have said it better.”


Bridge to Puerto Rico

February 4, 2008

I met up with a former housemate on a “bridge to Puerto Rico” and on that bridge, without words, we resolved our differences and descended into Puerto Rico.