Perfect Unburned Goodness

August 17, 2010

I was dating an angel of God.  He was tall and thick with curly hair, like a blond Seth Rogan.  It was love at first sight.  He came over one day when I was making cookies.  We hung out for a while and started messing around.  I felt a little odd about it, because of the whole God thing, but I figured he knew what he was doing.  So my oven is on this whole time which I totally forgot about, so my cookies burn.  In fact, the whole oven starts to melt because it’s so hot.  But then he uses his angel powers and restores my oven and my cookies to perfect unburned goodness.



I was drinking a glass of wine. I then started drinking from the bottle and then somehow i was sucked into the bottle which dropped to the floor and rolled under a cabinet.


Divination by Cheese

March 2, 2010

Guy in goofy wizard type outfit at table piled with cheddar, muenster, brie, Swiss, informs me he performs divination by cheese.

– OneiroFer

I’ve Eaten Them All

May 31, 2009

I was eating spaghetti.  Something was wrong with the noodles.  They were the wrong size, too chewy and tasted bad.  Under the deep red sauce were hints of purple.  My stomach started to ache.  I couldn’t stop chewing the noodles.  They forced their way into my mouth.  I looked down and my stomach was open and bleeding.

My mom stood next to me and said, “It’s true-everything they say about you.  You have no guts.”

I said, ” I know.  It’s because I’ve eaten them all.”



Since I went veggie I had a dream that someone was trying to force me to slaughter chickens and while I refused he went ahead and did it and I tried to cover my eyes and it wouldn’t work so again I started screaming and woke myself up.

-Chii on

Watch the whole video here.

– by LazyMuFFin on deviantArt

Pocket Cat is Amazing

April 8, 2009

Had a #dream last night that me and two friends flew to the moon on a commercial shuttle. I also had a pocket sized cat and some chocolate!