No Matter What Happens

January 9, 2013

I’m getting on a plane going home from where I presume is college.  On the plane along with me are a guy I used to hate and a guy I barely know.  The rest are strangers.  The guy I used to hate says something nice to me.  I nod, thinking maybe I’ve pegged him wrong.  A storm is coming so they rush us to get seated.

We can’t actually fly in the storm, so they just try to drive the plane far away from the airport.  We stop and they let us off in a tall office building downtown to wait out the storm.  All the passengers are crowded around the windows watching the weather outside when we start to see several large ominous tornados form all around us.  I call my parents and tell them I’m going to be delayed.

As I speak, I see one of the twisters wreak havoc on some buildings down the street.  The windows are blown out completely. There are lots of people on the streets, like no one expected the storm.  A man hastily runs into a building, barely avoiding being sucked into oblivion.  Then we see a building directly across from us get completely flattened.  Everyone is scared shitless.  Just then, the twister turns and heads straight for our building.  We all run towards the center of the building to hide, where we, admittedly, should have already been.

“No matter what happens, I love you! I have to go.  Bye!” I yell into the phone.

Then my alarm clock goes off.


Dream 01

March 14, 2011



I Walked Forever

August 10, 2010

Screaming fire fell from the sky.  I held my children close to my body.  I could feel the heat from each burning ball of sulfur as it flew by.  The smells were choking and my eyes were watering.  I don’t know if I was crying; I think we were all beyond that point.

I vaguely felt the pressure of a hand on my neck.  I arched my back when a white hot searing pain took it’s place.  A hot gun muzzle was now shoved in its place.  I started walking, dragging my children along with me as best I could.

I searched for the horizon through blurred eyes.  I found it in the deep burning oranges and yellows between crumbling buildings.  I continued with my labored walk keeping my eyes on that fiery end.  If I could just hold out a bit longer it would all be over.

I walked forever with a gun in my neck, my babies in my arms, and my hope bleeding out with each exhalation.

My burden was lifted; my feet were burning; my heart was collapsing.  The end wasn’t what is was supposed to be.


Last night, I dreamed that my English teacher decided to be my history teacher and my history teacher decided to teach us English. A guy that I like ended up being in both classes and thought that my friend and I were sisters, even though we look nothing alike. Then all of a sudden it was spring break, and I was texting him. And then it was snowing, for some odd reason. So I decided to go outside, and I was in some sort of weird foreign land with log cabins and cliffs. All of a sudden, the Earth seemed to cave in all around me, but not over me. All of civilization had been buried, though, and I realized that now we had a clean slate. So that night I went back home, which was apparently still there, and my mom gave me half of a yellow jacket. I asked her where the other half was, and she said it was in the fish tank at the bottom of our freezer, but I had to be careful getting it out because it could get caught in the motor. I remember thinking that it was sort of like Finding Nemo, even though, no, it wasn’t. So I had my dad help me get my jacket out, and then I woke up. Weirdest dream ever.


Pulling Me Back

June 16, 2009

I keep having this recurring dream of being marooned on an island after a ship wreck and being killed by people there. Also, I keep having a dream about a volcanic eruption. The two are the same one sometimes.  Any idea why?!

I am always swimming away from the scene and the tide keeps pulling me back

My Father’s Other Family

November 20, 2008

I dreamt my father had another family.  I had an older brother and sister that I didn’t know anything about, and now I was staring them in the face.  I had always wanted an older brother.  A tornado came and picked up the old wooden house we were in and spun it around.  We had to work together to survive the storm, but I felt so betrayed because they had not been there for me, whatever that means.

– Anonymous

Black Apples

June 28, 2008

I dreamed of an old man standing by an apple tree in the middle of a field of trees.  He looked at me and said “These are very special trees.  On each one you will find a black apple.”

I looked at all of the fruits, and saw a gnarled, sickly, black one.

“This apple takes all the poison in the earth and draws it into itself so that its brothers and sisters may blossom and grow strong.

And it waits patiently, suffering, until all of its siblings are ripe, and picked.

Only then, is it allowed to fall to the earth and die.

If it falls before, or is picked, the poison will kill the whole tree.”

He stopped and smiled, then slowly picked all of the ripe apples so  the black apple could be released from its suffering.