Going Home

October 26, 2011

I often dream of returning to my childhood home.

In my dreams, nothing has changed since the moment I left, and for two decades, no one has set foot inside.

No one but my dog, who has been waiting twenty years to be taken for a walk.




Good Night Monkey

June 20, 2011

I’m in my parents house and I’m getting ready to go to sleep.  I realize there’s a light on in the basement so I go down to shut it off.  I see that in the back room there’s what appears to be a dead monkey laying on a table.  It’s weird, but I assume that this monkey is my dad’s helper for when he’s doing home improvement projects.  Anyway, I don’t really want to be bothered with a dead monkey, but then it starts to move.  So now the monkey is awake but I want to go to bed, so I try to just close him in the basement til morning, but he opens the door and starts to run amok in the house. It gets hazy from there, but shenanigans ensue.


I had a dream I was on a bus riding home from school. I said something which angered some of the guys there and they were going to beat me up as soon as I got off at my stop. When it got to my house, they got off, but I faked them out and stayed on the bus. I got off a little ways down the street and I could see the guys standing around my house and throwing rocks through the glass of the front door. I started to panic but then these secret service ninja type guys (who my friend had summoned) came and kicked their asses.


I Lost The Words

March 18, 2009

My family and I were on a boat. It was clear water, but a narrow river. All of a sudden, the boat tips me off on this dock. I see an old friend on the other end of the dock and I walk to her. We go to the house the dock is on the property of. It was a large and beautiful house, but when we walked in it was small and the rooms were abandoned. I felt like we were looking for something, but we never found it. We searched the house in silence, but I didn’t notice the silence until my friend spoke for the first time. I dreamt I woke up and remembered what she said when I tried to write it down, the words were gone. I was worried why I lost the words, and then I awoke.


My Father’s Other Family

November 20, 2008

I dreamt my father had another family.  I had an older brother and sister that I didn’t know anything about, and now I was staring them in the face.  I had always wanted an older brother.  A tornado came and picked up the old wooden house we were in and spun it around.  We had to work together to survive the storm, but I felt so betrayed because they had not been there for me, whatever that means.

– Anonymous

Body like a Blanket

June 4, 2008

The following is a lucid dream in which I was in and out of sleep several times.

7:00 AM I’m in a strange wooden cabin. I had to kill him. He deserved it. There was a struggle, but good prevailed.

7:20 AM Panicking.

7:25 AM I fold up his body like a blanket. Put it in a shoe box. I have to get rid of this.

7:45 AM Back at home. In what looks like the big city. In what looks like the future. I still have the box, but it’s trash day. The incinorators will destroy it by night if I hurry.

8:00 AM I run through the houses to the dumpsters. I pass a little boy who seems more engaged in his own dealings than my secrets. It’s early morning and this field has appeared in the middle of the city.

8:05 AM I tuck the box beneath the other trash. Bury it down deep.

8:15 AM From the windows of my apartment I see the garbage trucks down the street. He is almost gone.

8:20 AM I recall a story a friend told me about machines that sort the trash, filtering out the recyclables. Does my city do that? I need it to burn. All of it. No sifting. No sorting.

8:30 AM Panicking again. Real panic. Not dream panic.

8:40 AM It’s several days later. I haven’t heard anything. You would have heard something by now right? How long does it take to burn the trash? This is bullshit. I’m going to wake up.

9:00 AM Still no word. Ok. Really this time. Get out of bed. You’re not even sleepy!

9:15 AM Finally, something new.

I was sleeping in this white bed in a white 3 BR house with a beautiful naked girl next to me. All of a sudden, I heard footsteps down the hall. I cracked the door a little and peeked out. There were 3 men standing in my hallway with guns creeping down the hall, looking room to room for me.

So I reach under my pillow and pull out a gun; however, as soon as I pulled it out, the door opened and one of them walked in. He shot at the girl and killed her. I then shot him twice in the chest, but he just laughed. Then he and the other 2 shot me numerous times in the chest…I could feel myself dying.

As they rummaged through the house some more, I heard my friend se7en come down the street blasting music. I, half walking, half stumbling, pulled myself out of the house and fell into his convertible. He then pulled out a bazooka and blew the house down.