Too Much Dead Island?

September 13, 2011

I must have been playing too much Dead Island, because all night I dreamed that I was taking out zombies.  At one point I (lucidly) thought that this was going to turn into a nightmare, but it never did.  I was kicking ass.

When my alarm clock went off and I couldn’t figure out how to snooze it, I kept thinking ” This is such a stupid quest. The timing is all wrong! I just want to kill these zombies!”




While You Were Out

December 18, 2010

I’m walking a dog, my dog I suppose, through my neighborhood. While we’re out the zombie uprising begins. There’s some kind of scuffle at a neighbors house but we break free. We go around the corner of the subdivision and instead of houses there’s some kind of marketplace there. There are cops and a mob of people who are all going crazy. I try to run away down this alley, but a car comes mowing down it and hits my dog who then dies.

eaten alive

April 1, 2009

i was dreaming that i was cheating on my gf with this tiny little latina thing
and as we were having sex my gf came home
so we tried to hurry up into the other room
and we did
but then i turned around and the girl was gone
and i was like wtf
so im standing there
and there was a room near that room where the light was on
but then it went out
and i was looking into it and out of no where this crazy black jagged monster comes flying out
and rips me apart
i woke up from being eaten alive
and couldnt sleep the rest of the night


I was on a train when the werewolves attacked.  I begged to change seats with someone….anyone, but no one would.  They must have killed me because the scene went black, and then I was walking up a staircase to an old attic which I assumed was going to take me to heaven.  But the werewolf was still following my ghost up the staircase.  I realized that heaven wasn’t going to save me–that I would have to fight.  I slammed the attic door and pressed all my weight against it, but the werewolf managed to get his hands in the crack and was clawing at me.  I looked around for something to hit him with, but nothing was in reach.  It was then that I began breaking his fingers….then I woke up.


Book of Dreams and Nightmares

February 10, 2009


– by furiouskitten on deviantART


In my dream the covenant (from Halo) was real…and taking over my former high School.

– Nicole

Wet Things in the Shadows

November 20, 2008

You could hear the wind beating against the house, and thunder was rumbling.  The rain started to spatter against the roof of the house.  The room was huge and filled with shadows, and the occasional flash of lightning painted dark images on the wall.  I began to see wet things, hobbling in the shadows, making wet slaps when they walked.  I told myself that I was imagining this, but couldn’t stop looking around whenever there was a flash through the window.  Something pulled my pant leg, and when the flash came again, my pant leg was stained with blood.  I started to hear screaming.