Marshmallow Traps

January 9, 2015

Last night, I had a dream where I was in an anime world. I’m a female, but in my dream, I was a little boy. I looked to be around 10 years old. There were 20 or so more boys around my age there as well.

Anyway, we’re inside this tall building and everyone was scared shitless. That was because there was this crazed pedo chasing after us. The only way to get away from him was to run up top the stairs. And for some reason, the stairs were covered in huge blobs of deformed rice krispies treats (my fav snack). If you step on it, you get stuck ’cause of the marshmellows.

Anyway, out of panic, most of the kids kept accidentally stepping on the rice krispies treats. The pedo took those opportunities and slashed the kids’ throats with his knife. I also took advantage of the situation by pushing the kids down the stairs or in the blobs as bait. It couldn’t be helped, it was the only rational thing to do. I think the pedo was impressed by this.

After who knows how long of running, we saw a police office room. We ran there was fast as we could with the little adrenaline we had left. The pedo still followed us along there as well. Seeing the situation unfolding in the office, the police knew the pedo was a bad guy and arrested him. By then, there were only around 6 of us kids left alive.

The end. Best nightmare ever 🙂



Pixel Worms

January 9, 2015

I suffer from an severe anxiety disorder (OCD, paranoia etc)
I have had the same dream ever since I was a baby.
There were these pixel worms that wriggled and were just everywhere.
They were white on a black background.
They were horrible.
I was always in tears because i couldn’t deal with it.

I still have this dream to this day.



Since I went veggie I had a dream that someone was trying to force me to slaughter chickens and while I refused he went ahead and did it and I tried to cover my eyes and it wouldn’t work so again I started screaming and woke myself up.

-Chii on

eaten alive

April 1, 2009

i was dreaming that i was cheating on my gf with this tiny little latina thing
and as we were having sex my gf came home
so we tried to hurry up into the other room
and we did
but then i turned around and the girl was gone
and i was like wtf
so im standing there
and there was a room near that room where the light was on
but then it went out
and i was looking into it and out of no where this crazy black jagged monster comes flying out
and rips me apart
i woke up from being eaten alive
and couldnt sleep the rest of the night


I Hate You Now.

March 10, 2009

He was behind me.  I could feel it.

I turned around and he was huddled in the corner.  He was clinging to a burnt baby doll.  It’s hair was short and clumped into little round balls of melted acrylic.  The boy’s deep black sockets stared into me.  He held the doll out to me, and his skin was so blue it seemed to melt into the charred skin of the doll.

“Why didn’t you save me?  I hate you now.”

I could feel my skin crawl and my chest felt like it was going to explode.  I couldn’t breath.

He took a step towards me.  I blinked and then he was gone.

I breathed in.  I felt relieved.  I felt his hand curl around my neck from behind.


Book of Dreams and Nightmares

February 10, 2009


– by furiouskitten on deviantART

This one comes from the blog Love, Alynna:

I had this dream last night and it shouldn’t count as a nightmare cause I wasn’t trying to run away from something stereotypically horrific. But it was to me; it warrants the name. He sat there, and as the song goes, ‘he found my letters and read each one out loud… singing my life with his words’. The bastard. And I couldn’t feel anything anymore but the hurt and anger. Then he sung praises about me to this insignificant one who may have listened. But they were all lies, since he didn’t love me anyway and couldn’t find it in himself to do so. Making me feel so high, and then dropping me to the very bottom like I didn’t have a mind, a heart, a soul. All I wanted to give. So I picked up my lame feet and ran. And ran. I didn’t wanna cry but I did. He ran after me and insisted that he did love me, kissing me like he bloody meant it. It was the same old boy in my dream and it was the same old me. Nothing has changed. I haven’t.

Read it all here.