Perfect Unburned Goodness

August 17, 2010

I was dating an angel of God.  He was tall and thick with curly hair, like a blond Seth Rogan.  It was love at first sight.  He came over one day when I was making cookies.  We hung out for a while and started messing around.  I felt a little odd about it, because of the whole God thing, but I figured he knew what he was doing.  So my oven is on this whole time which I totally forgot about, so my cookies burn.  In fact, the whole oven starts to melt because it’s so hot.  But then he uses his angel powers and restores my oven and my cookies to perfect unburned goodness.



Divination by Cheese

March 2, 2010

Guy in goofy wizard type outfit at table piled with cheddar, muenster, brie, Swiss, informs me he performs divination by cheese.

– OneiroFer

A Heavenly Government

May 21, 2009


I had a very revealing dream last night, God was Uribe and Jesus Christ was Santos and this two were holliest of holliest, they came down to colombia to save the world, they were kind, generous, help the poor and the sick, they did all type of miracles, they cured all ailments from people, no more wars, no more desplazados, or famine, they stop all cocaine trafficking (Cocaine no longer got you high) all the paramilitaries became choir boys, all the militaries and soldiers became an army of god and no more corruption in their heavenly government, they forgave the FARC for becoming godly mercenaries of only good deeds, all the prepagos became virgins (sorry there were no gringos in the dream) and the thieves saints, there was archangels helping God (Uribe) and Jesus (Santos) their names were Archangel Simon, Archangel Tasco and Archangel Makop5, these three Archangels went through out the world to spread the good news, there devotion was unquestionable, there was one Archangel who fell out of grace though, he came down to warned the humans that there was no more fun in heavenly Colombia, no more prepagos, no parrandas, no dancing or drinking, no smoking weed or anything else, eating bandeja Paisa was forbidden (no animals eaten) Fincas were only used for praying, this Archangel told the humans that heavenly Colombia had to return to being fun and sinful, one strange thing about this fallen angel is that I cant remember his name.

Ferran @

We Need Rivers

July 16, 2008

I was in Jesus’ body looking out, yet He was still Himself and I was only me. Bibles were floating around us and as we looked at them, some would shoot up into our faces. Each hovering book was opened to the middle and had a different sized stream of blood flowing down the center.  Calmly He’d say, “This is not the right one. There are only streams of blood, we need rivers of blood.”

I understood that He meant that not all the bibles were covered in His blood.  They only had parts to make them seem real.  We were trying to find the real bible that was covered in a river of blood.  I woke up before it was found.


Living Each Day

June 1, 2008

Driving past an intersection I look to my left and see a semi that was not stopping. It ran right into my door crushing me, I could feel the pressure that had killed me. As I am feeling death and looking up I see my spirit/ soul leave me. It was the strangest thing I have ever experienced in dreaming.  I actually woke up the next morning and told my husband I was going to be dying soon. It’s been over 14 months since the dream and I am still here and trying to live each day like it’s my last!


Do It Yourself Monsters

April 25, 2008

I dreamt the boys at school teased me for not being pretty enough. I was so mad. I wanted to turn invisible so I could follow them and watch what they do while they are alone. I wanted to know their secrets–I wanted to tell them. I wanted people to laugh. I concentrated on being invisible and created this ghost/creature type thing that could sneak in on them. I saw one of the boys in his room. His dog was looking under the bed. I decided I really didn’t want to know what was there.


Devil On a Black Rock

April 11, 2008

There is a place I go in my dreams to talk to people that have just died. Sometimes I sit there and nobody talks to me, but there are people always in my periphery. Dark, shuffling people.

Once, an angel came to talk to me. He said horrifying things, and burned my ear with his thumb. Now, I have to save the world from evil things.