Marshmallow Traps

January 9, 2015

Last night, I had a dream where I was in an anime world. I’m a female, but in my dream, I was a little boy. I looked to be around 10 years old. There were 20 or so more boys around my age there as well.

Anyway, we’re inside this tall building and everyone was scared shitless. That was because there was this crazed pedo chasing after us. The only way to get away from him was to run up top the stairs. And for some reason, the stairs were covered in huge blobs of deformed rice krispies treats (my fav snack). If you step on it, you get stuck ’cause of the marshmellows.

Anyway, out of panic, most of the kids kept accidentally stepping on the rice krispies treats. The pedo took those opportunities and slashed the kids’ throats with his knife. I also took advantage of the situation by pushing the kids down the stairs or in the blobs as bait. It couldn’t be helped, it was the only rational thing to do. I think the pedo was impressed by this.

After who knows how long of running, we saw a police office room. We ran there was fast as we could with the little adrenaline we had left. The pedo still followed us along there as well. Seeing the situation unfolding in the office, the police knew the pedo was a bad guy and arrested him. By then, there were only around 6 of us kids left alive.

The end. Best nightmare ever 🙂



Sometimes We Were Human

April 5, 2008

We were rats, running through trenches in a bizarre mesh of India-type jungle and world war two. Sometimes we had legs and hands, other times we threw our shoulders forward and ran on all fours like gorillas, rifles on our backs. Sometimes we were human, both male and native though neither of us were both of those in waking life.

Now that that best friend is dead, I find myself returning to this truck stop in dreams every now and again to talk to him.


Never a Hero

April 4, 2008

I was in an English cottage and it was set somewhere in the early 1900’s. I remember chasing a man through a graveyard into the cottage where he then jumped out of the window. I ran outside to see where he landed and only found him transforming into a giant snake, well over 70 feet. I ran inside and grabbed a shotgun and tried to attack it, only to find it’s scales were resistant so I ran back in to grab an elephant gun to blast it in the mouth only to find that someone else had come along and killed it by shooting it in the mouth.


I fall into dreaming and am already running quickly through someone else’s world. The butterfly is caught in the wind current created by my speed of running and gets whipped out of the scene…

I am chasing someone, no multiple people. Or things. The obstacles are unlike the obstacles that I see in my world. I felt like I was alive but also competing with someone else’s dreams. Like two people competing for control over the television station of what to watch. Her dreams still fought me, but not as strongly because she was preoccupied with escaping. I kept hearing the letter J in my mind.

And then I surged forwards, my space overrunning hers, and I was running behind her. Was she in a purple dress? I couldn’t tell. I could not let her go. My hand reached out, grabbed her by the shoulder, and brought her into my world. Everything stopped. I’d caught her, but… now what? She still resisted, she was a challenge.

We looked at each other and her dream world started to overpower mine. I bowed my head, then allowed her to take control for a little while.


Jeih was at a prison, and so was I, making a visit. I saw him, and I knew he meant trouble. He saw me, and he knew I meant lunch.

I tried to run away, but he caught up to me. Who can outrun a perfect metaphysical being? He told me I would become part of him. I said I’d rather be dead then live a half-life.

He said, “Okay.”


Useless Wings

February 10, 2008

My most vivid and reoccuring dream is of a girl, who looks like a cross between a human and a dragon. Shes got pure white scales and hair, i never see her eyes or front so i dont know exactly what she looks like, but shes always running away from something/one. But she can only run along the ground, because when she tries to fly she cant. I can feel it as if it were myself running, her wings just simply cant lift her into the air, sure she can flap and whatnot, but she never ever stays up. Always comes crashing down, though she tries, leaping off of railings/roofs/etc.