No Matter What Happens

January 9, 2013

I’m getting on a plane going home from where I presume is college.  On the plane along with me are a guy I used to hate and a guy I barely know.  The rest are strangers.  The guy I used to hate says something nice to me.  I nod, thinking maybe I’ve pegged him wrong.  A storm is coming so they rush us to get seated.

We can’t actually fly in the storm, so they just try to drive the plane far away from the airport.  We stop and they let us off in a tall office building downtown to wait out the storm.  All the passengers are crowded around the windows watching the weather outside when we start to see several large ominous tornados form all around us.  I call my parents and tell them I’m going to be delayed.

As I speak, I see one of the twisters wreak havoc on some buildings down the street.  The windows are blown out completely. There are lots of people on the streets, like no one expected the storm.  A man hastily runs into a building, barely avoiding being sucked into oblivion.  Then we see a building directly across from us get completely flattened.  Everyone is scared shitless.  Just then, the twister turns and heads straight for our building.  We all run towards the center of the building to hide, where we, admittedly, should have already been.

“No matter what happens, I love you! I have to go.  Bye!” I yell into the phone.

Then my alarm clock goes off.


G-spot of the Jungle

October 5, 2011

I had a dream that I went to Hawaii with my brother.  When the trip was over I flew back home, but then I realized that my brother had been left behind.  Apparently he had gone to some weird island to find the “G-spot of the Jungle” which was named as such due to all these crazy drugs that grew there naturally. So I had to buy a super expensive plane ticket back to Hawaii so I could save him from the jungle.

– Overheard in San Francisco

Dream 01

March 14, 2011



Today, I was riding the subway when a beautiful topless girl walked into my car and sat directly in front of me. Then, the train stopped abruptly and I banged my head. The girl was gone and I realized it had all been a dream. Then I realized I was supposed to get off 17 stops ago. FML

via FML

The First Time I Flew

December 1, 2009

I flew the other night, that’s right, I flew!! I was with some people in New York City, that I really didn’t know all that well, and they were all getting on my nerves. So lifted my body up and flew above a palm tree and decided to go to Central Park. It was dark and I could not see that well, but it was cool for a while. I could feel the breeze as I was soaring in the air, but once I knew I was dreaming I woke up!! Man, it felt so real. I have been having a lot of dreams like that over the years, where I knew that I was dreaming and I seemed to be able to control the dream (for the most part). That was the first time I flew and in the excitement I woke up!! I am the Master of my dreams and don’t know why. So I started asking other people if they could do this and they looked at me like I was crazy. Then I started reading about astral projections and lucid dreaming.


Mind the Gap

October 13, 2009

From Flickr:

I Had a Dream Like This…


-Ben Cooper

Clothes Hanger Biking

August 4, 2009

From :

My wife and I traveled by river boat to a snow ski resort…We arrived at the ski area, but the snow was melted (just like in real life in California). I slipped my skis on — and I mean this literally because instead of ski boots and bindings, my skis had rubber boots like water skis do — and sushed around on slush and wet grass for a while, but I soon tired of that and rode my bicycle on the ski runs as I dodged out of control snowboarders.

The boat carried loaner bikes that were folded into a storage closet. When I helped my wife with a loaner, I discovered these bikes were made completely with the wire clothes hangers you get from the dry cleaner…I expressed some concern about the safety of this flimsy bike, but Mrs Fritz rode around on it with no problems at all.

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