The Name of the Game…

October 28, 2013

I dreamt that my child was taken from me, along with many other adults.  We were separated into teams, with the goal of killing each other.  The prize? Your child back.  The alternative was to die knowing that your son/daughter was in peril.  I vividly recall stabbing someone repeatedly with a pen, as a distraction, so that my ‘team mate’ could shove him into a pool of bleach/glass we had created.

I normally have a sense of being in my dreams, and I woke up ready to rip someone’s throat out.




I had a dream that I was watching Harry Potter, Ron and Hermione climb up this mountain.  They were looking for some kind of artifact, that had been buried with the people in Pompeii.  They had to search around and under the bodies that were frozen in time.  I remember being very disgusted by the whole thing.



The Replacement

May 1, 2009

Once upon a dream, there was a young man and an old man. They stood in the grass outside an old dark mansion. On the ground, the young man found the body. He looked back up at the house. From the cold inside, the boss was looking out at them.

They hoisted the thing. Moved it. Buried it somewhere never to be found again. This is not how the young man imagined life would be, but his sister had an affliction–a costly one that soaked up his money as it spread throughout her body. The old man had soft eyes. Eyes like his spirit had been crushed to mush behind them.

The boy started to say something. Nothing important really, just something to break the regular thudding of their shovels in the dirt. But before he could utter a single stuttered syllable the old man interrupted him.

“We are not friends, you know.” the old man said.

The young man just stared. Furrowed his eyebrows. Not sure what was next.

“You’re not even my partner. You’re a replacement. Soon you’ll be digging holes by yourself and I’ll be on the other side of ’em, and then you’ll be glad that we aren’t friends.”

The young man nodded his head. Hell of a first day, he thought.


Out of the Mists

February 18, 2009

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A (Cute) Fight to the Death

February 10, 2009

Gah. Conspiracy dreams. The hospitals are experimenting on midgets. Dressing them up in cute costumes and makes them fight to the death. Brr

– tweeted by Sir_Racer

Thug Life (in the Kitchen)

December 2, 2008

I have a recurring dream that Tupac is my roommate.  In this one dream, he keeps bugging me about how the dishwasher is broken.   I’m irritated because it’s not like I can fix it, and he won’t just call the repairman himself.

Thug Life

– Overheard in Detroit


November 26, 2008

I was a prostitute, and I was being recruited for hostage negotiations….and I was VERY good at it.