My boyfriend and I were riding on some sort of train that was WAY HIGH in the air in a huge city. The buildings were so tall we couldn’t see the ground. We were headed to our hotel.

Just as we got back, he decided to take a shower so I decided to sit on the ‘porch’ and watch the city. I looked up.. and .. the sky got really dark! There was a HUGE tidal wave coming right for us!!!! O.O So I hurried really quick and closed all the windows and ran to get his mom. I tried to get him too but he must have been having a very good shower there because he didn’t respond to me at all.

Well, we hid in the hotel and waited… and waited… and waited… then suddenly BOOOOOM all the water came crashing down. None of us got hurt though. So I turned on the television to watch the news. It showed a map of the US and the wave had come from the Pacific ocean and washed allll the way to the Rocky Mountains.



Pulling Me Back

June 16, 2009

I keep having this recurring dream of being marooned on an island after a ship wreck and being killed by people there. Also, I keep having a dream about a volcanic eruption. The two are the same one sometimes.  Any idea why?!

I am always swimming away from the scene and the tide keeps pulling me back

Hundreds of Hands

May 6, 2009

I took one more deep breath then dove under the water.

I could hear the muffled sounds of the waves above.

I swam deeper and deeper into the darkness.

I reached the bottom and felt around with my hands blindly.

I felt hundreds of hands.

Each one would gently grasp mine as I swam over it.


Catching Dreams

January 13, 2009

– Found on deviantART – by Keith Eric Williams

Catching Dreams

Neither content, Nor angry

October 16, 2008

The sky was always dark.  The waters of the world had turned black and were forever choppy.

I was standing on a deck and a man next to me was repeating that the water was too dark.  He was terrified that he couldn’t see through it.

I leaned down over the edge of the deck and stuck my head into the water.  It gently sucked me in and I settled at the bottom.  To my left were rows and rows of ancient indian medicine women.  They were each holding an infant.  The babies in the back were long dead but those in the front struggled for breath as they drowned. The women showed no emotion.  They seemed neither content nor angry for the job they had been given.

I quietly shushed with my finger to my lips at the women in hopes that it would sooth them and they wouldn’t try to get me too. However, they took no notice.

I closed my eyes and I was back on the deck with the upset man.  I told him what I saw.  He cut a huge pine tree and dumped it into the sea next to the deck.  The sea swallowed it whole.

We were scared and confused and didn’t know what to do.


Spanking the Hell Out

October 16, 2008

There were all these fancy expensive flat screen TVs in my house.  I even had one in the shower.  This neighborhood kid who was roughly 6 years old snuck into my house.  I noticed, but I was pretending that I didn’t know he was there.  I turned on cartoons for him in the living room but he had disappeared.  I looked all around and found him taking a bath.  My shower TV had fallen into the bath water, and the little brat hadn’t said anything!  I picked him up with one hand, spanked the hell out of him, and sent him home.


They Lied To Me

September 29, 2008

I was in the middle of the ocean struggling to keep my head out of the water, but I had become exhausted and was slipping under.

Finally, I decided that I had enough and stopped struggling.  I slowly slid under the water and began to spasm as the water filled my lungs.

I closed my eyes and saw darkness.

When I opened them again, I found that I could breathe underwater all along, and realized that I had been lied to my entire life.