Four Kites

Four Kites


Master Chief? I’d Like To Get Down Now


– Nicole

All Sleeping Peacefully

In this dream there was this rock plain, with large cracks in the grounds everywhere. The whole landscape was covered by twilight. Just at the side of one large crack, there was a tree, perhaps a dead tree but there was some leaves remaining, green leaves with flowers like lotuses.

But there was something else in this tree….Kittens. Dozen of kittens sagging from the branches. All sleeping peacefully…It looked they were immortals. I remember I got closer to the tree and raised my hands towards one of the kittens and right way it awoke and fell in my hands. this is when I wake up…


Bloody Abandon

Bloody Abandon


They Lied To Me


A cute Fight to the Death

Gah. Conspiracy dreams. The hospitals are experimenting on midgets. Dressing them up in cute costumes and makes them fight to the death. Brr

– tweeted by Sir_Racer

Thug Life (in the Kitchen)

I have a recurring dream that Tupac is my roommate. In this one dream, he keeps bugging me about how the dishwasher is broken. I’m irritated because it’s not like I can fix it, and he won’t just call the repairman himself.

Thug Life

– Overheard in Detroit


I was a prostitute, and I was being recruited for hostage negotiations….and I was VERY good at it.


Devil on a Black Rock

There is a place I go in my dreams to talk to people that have just died. Sometimes I sit there and nobody talks to me, but there are people always in my periphery. Dark, shuffling people.

Once, an angel came to talk to me. He said horrifying things, and burned my ear with his thumb. Now, I have to save the world from evil things.


I Can Only Drag Myself

it’s dark, and i hear butterflies around me. i want to be with them, but i know that my legs are still in my cocoon. i can only begin to drag myself after them.




I dreamt it was night. There was some kind of war going on.  I was on a great hill of grass, with some other people. we were waiting for something.  Then, from the sky, there were parachutists. They wore black suits and their parachutes were red.  We watched them floating down to us. They all held a baby in their arms. When they landed on the ground, we ran towards them and they gave us the babies. then we ran back, towards the bushes…


Blood And Oats

– Anonymous

Bedknobs and Broomsticks


I was sledding down this steep hill covered in colorful flowers on my mattress.


My Uterus, That is


I dreamt they cut it out of me, my uterus that is. It didn’t hurt but they did it just the same. And hung it to dry against the yellow sky. It looked like it was cut from construction paper. I remember thinking it was my punishment for saying I didn’t want children. I stared at it thinking that I’d never have them now.


I Wouldn’t Let Him

I wouldn’t let him.

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